Big Bang EHR Implementation vs Phased Approach

I sat in on a great webinar from HIMSS the other day that covered an EHR implementation by a hospital system and it’s consulting partners Massachusetts. They had 18 physician pratices that covered areas from Primary Care to Neurosurgery and they went from a paper to a paperless EHR solution.  They spoke about how they went in for the Big Bang approach in their implementation and were then in their 9 day after go live. So far so good from what I heard. I wonder if that will continue.

Another great organization here in Columbus, Ohio recently did the same with their EHR implementation. I’m waiting to hear about that, hopefully during next year’s CSO HIMSS conference (if I can convince them to speak about it). Yes, the big bang approach can work folks!

If there is the big bang EMR approach, it forces everyone, physicians, clinical staff, administration and IT to get on the same page and fast, otherwise there could be the ability to continue with the old system and that would develop into political brinksmanship. Nobody wants that. There’s no political wrangling in healthcare!

While this approach can get the “rigors” of implementation over and done with, (pull off that bandaid at one go) the compressed timeframe may have long term repurcussions in terms of support. An example of this could be a more phased approach towards physician clinical/progress note development. Physicians may not always have the ability to document all of their information at a few sittings to develop a somewhat comprehensive note and that will lead to high frustration with the system. A phased project approach can reduce that frustration and EHR adoption rates could be higher.




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