HHS Extends effective date of Stage 2 MU Reporting

In a surprising, but, many would say welcome move, the the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius announced that HHS will delay the effective date of Stage 2 Meaningful Use reporting requirements to 2014.

Under the incentive payments system put in place in 2009, healthcare providers and organizations who receive incentive payments must report and attest to meeting certain criteria for the “meaningful use” of their EHR technology. These criteria are divided, as I had mentioned in earlier blogs, into three stages. The Stage 1 criteria focuses primarily on capturing and communicating health data, while Stages 2 and 3 require the use of the captured data to inform more advanced clinical decisions.

Previously, these same individuals and organizations had to attested to meeting Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria in 2011 and had to meet the Stage 2 criteria by 2013 in order to continue to receive their incentive payments. Now, they will get some much needed time as the date has now been pushed to 2014 to give them more time to achieve their goals.

The Day that ‘lived in infamy’, 70 years ago today

While this is not directly healthcare IT related, with history being a passion for me, I needed to share my thoughts today, 70 years after the events Pearl Harbor in 1941 when our fleet was attacked in Pearl Harbor; forever changing the policy of the United States and plunging this nation into World War 2.

While the events of September 11th, 2011 were equally terrible and plunged the United States into theatres of battle for the last 10 years, we now see many of our returning servicemen and women having to readjust to civilian life and requiring healthcare facilities to cope with a decade of battle, not unlike many did in the aftermath of WW2.

Back then, we made a pact with the “greatest generation” as Tom Brokaw so aptly called them that we would take care of them and thank them for their sacrifice in saving the world literally from evil and tyranny. We need to remember that pact as we have our own great generation of young men and women who have sacrificed countless tours of duty in hostile lands to prevent another 9/11 and give us the ability to sleep soundly in our beds at night.

We honor our veterans and their sacrifices, as well as those of their families. Give a thought to them as they come home and think about the care that they should receive.



mHIMSS goes live!

mHIMSS is an initiative that HIMSS has just started to focus on wireless and Mobile applications and to educate the community in developing the mobile health community.  As they say it, their goal is to “convene, educate and engage key industry stakeholders to increase and improve the use of mobile technology in healthcare.”

If you are a HIMSS member, or even if you are not, do see if you can get to understand more about what they are doing and be a part of the collaborative community to grow the community’s understand of this new and expanding part of healthcare technology.