Mobile Applications and Healthcare: A topic of dinner table conversation

When logging into my recently purchased iPad2, I wanted to go and check my bank account and see what the state of my finances were. Seeing what I was doing, emboldened my wife to comment “Don’t login through the iPad! Use the laptop and website to login.” She was not convinced that the tablet was able to provide the security that she felt was adequate to check our bank account through their app downloaded from the site.

With attitudes like that, what if we want to check our prescriptions and visit summary from the doctor’s office through the app that our healthcare provider shares with us; whatever the platform that development happens, in the mindset of many consumers, is the security enough to ensure a reasonable amount of acceptability to the patient population that their healthcare data is protected? Just the other day, I watched the news and noted that an organization (not to be named in this blog) told it’s users to change their password as their data had been compromised. Security and ease of use are the main issues that adoption of mobile applications will have to overcome.

With mHIMSS up and going, I would suggest readers of my blog to keep themselves posted about developments and if attending the HIMSS conference in Las Vegas, to check out what mHIMSS is doing there. That’s where the next revolution will take place. An mHIMSS Spring…?