Proposed Stage 2 Final Rule

The most anticipated event at HIMSS12 was a view of the proposed requirements for Stage 2 of MU. The ones that most interested me were:

Under stage 1, an electronic connection for exchange of health information between providers had to be successfully tested, but under stage 2, actual patient health data would be exchanged with another healthcare provider. Also, under stage 1, patients had to have electronic access to their electronic health records, but under stage 2, doctors would need to show that a certain percentage of their patient population  have accessed and downloaded their information. I’m wondering how the patients will be incentivized to do this. Hospitals will have to rely on their Marketing departments for creative ways to have their patients download their records. Education campaigns would have to occur. I’m reminded of when my Dad worked for the Hong Kong Government and he had the “Clean Hong Kong” Campaign in the early 80s. My feeling is that something similar, but on a regional scale would need to occur. Collaboration by the Healthcare Providers of a certain region to have the population change their way of thinking will need to be the focus. A paradigm shift by any standards.


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