Cricket, Economics and Healthcare IT resources

So, I know this may not really cover all of healthcare, but I thought I would share it (it’s my blog so I should be allowed to post what I want). A guy that I had known in college in Bangalore (I don’t want to say I knew him that well, but we hung out in the same circles for a while) retired from playing international cricket for the Indian squad. Yes my felow Americans, cricket! See the url for the news conference. He seemed to have done pretty well for himself I have to say.

Why I bring this up is that while we think of resources in healthcare, be it physicians or information technology resources over the last 30 years have come from India. Over the last decade, many of the economic immigrants have dwindled. The reason? Many more opportunities in India and other places than there used to be due to it’s emergence as a rapidly developing economic powerhouse. The growth of economies like India and China as well as the economic downturn in the West have contributed to more people staying back there and building their careers there. They are used to the culture, economics, food and can travel now to destinations that were previously unavailable to them. I often hear of friends that have gone to Turkey, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong or elsewhere for family vacations.

Just as Japan and Germany changed from the 1940s to the 1980s, so have India and China from the 1980s to now. This is not your father’s India. Granted, there is still a lot of work to be done, but that is what happens in an emerging economy. Your $25 dollar outsourced worker may now cost $50+.

Be prepared for those changes in the next decade.


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