The Renewable Healthcare Resource

Biz Stone spoke at HIMSS12 the other day and I sent this quote that he made to my wife during the talk. He said “To succeed spectacularly, you need to be able to fail spectacularly” which she said “so that explains it!”.

While many organizations see failure as some sort of issue, I usually like to look at great people such as President Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and lately, James Dyson (now Sir James Dyson). These great men did not come into prominence instantly, but after many failures finally made their mark on our world. All of these great personalities had one thing that I think makes their legacies enduring and that was that they had creative minds and they did not give up. Another quote from Biz Stone that day (which I thought was good) was that ‘Creativity is a renewable resource’. We don’t have to look far to see that. I’m reading Walter Isaacson’s book on Steve Jobs and without giving anything away (as I recommend people read it) is that he was a creative person which made him one of the great minds of our time.

While I do think that while we can get caught up in the way things should be, sometimes we may not take the best approach to a problem when it comes to our projects in a healthcare setting. Be creative. The objective should be that it works and make the project successful. There will be a few stumbles along the way. Think of the non-conventional way to get it done. Sometimes you would be surprised by your own creativeness.


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