Martinis and email…

I was with a colleague traveling to a customer in Wisconsin and finished the day and were walking through the airport wondering how to find a place to eat, access email and debrief from the day’s activities when the need for, well, you guessed it…”martini’s and email came up” (we actually never got to the martini’s, just for the record). There is nothing more acute for busy, traveling executives than the loss of that connectedness we take for granted in our society these days.

I write this as I listen to my (second) favorite Dire Straits song, Money for Nothing (my favorite is Walk of Life, but that’s a whole other blog entry). A great song that exemplifies the 80s. A lot of people don’t realize that Sting had such a great impact on this song, singing the introduction and chorus in falsetto; most people only credit Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler for this. This was the work of a collaboration and that was what made the song great (plus everyone wanted money for nothing and MTV those days).

I bring up collaboration as I was priviliged to live up to my recent award as a Fellow of HIMSS by connecting the IT departments of two healthcare networks that make a significant impact on our community and having them collaborate and share information to make their initiatives better, faster and cheaper to execute. I truly believe that Ohio can be #1 in Healthcare and Healthcare Information Technology. We have been able to put men in space and on the moon. I’m sure we can collaborate our way to successful initiatives and make sure that we conserve and make use of our available resources appropriately in order to maintain lower costs of operations for our healthcare providers and hopefully pass those savings on to our patient population.

With aspects of the Affordable Care Act coming into force soon, true collaborative environment will be required and our communities will be tested soon. “Fiscal cliff” not withstanding,  our nation has it’s share of challenges ahead for it and I intend to find a way to bring our communities together to continue the great American adventure. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. On December 23rd, 1783, George Washington came back after defeating the British and voluntarily resigned his commission. This was a first in recorded human history. Don’t you want to be a part of that unselfishness? I know I do.




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