Geo-fencing’s role in preventive and e-health care

As healthcare changes, providers are trying more and more to grab the attention of their local and regional populations. One way of doing that is through geo-fencing. A geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries, like inpatient or outpatient boundaries. When you walk into a hospital, say for a diabetes appointment, the hospital wants to be able to push information to your smart phone telling you about seminars that may be useful for preventive care.

In an article published in Technorati titled “Google Bets On Geo-Fencing” in May of 2013, it talks about when Philips announced that it was partnering with Apple on a smart LED light bulb that featured geo-fencing technologies and that the “Hue” lighting system will allows it’s users to control wireless-enabled LED light bulbs inside their homes with an iOS app. Most interesting of all is how Philips is utilizing geo-fencing technology by allowing lights to turn on or off depending on the location of an individual.

Both patients and Care givers also have the ability through a vibrate, text or email ‘alert’ to assist long term care patients by knowing their whereabouts if the patient steps outside a certain boundary for care through a geo-fence.

Keep your eyes open for geo-fencing capabilities at a healthcare facility near you when your smart phone gets connected to your healthcare provider’s network. A boon also for healthcare marketing careers.


2 thoughts on “Geo-fencing’s role in preventive and e-health care

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