What do you mean top priority? Everything is #1 on the list.

A phrase often heard in the halls of an IT Department for a healthcare provider. With Meaningful Use Stage 2, ICD-10, technology upgrades and updates (XP to Win7 anyone?), break-fix, and migration of new clinical build, IT departments are constantly challenged with more and more operational priorities than anytime in their department’s past. How is executive leadership supposed to decide what their priorities are when everything is mandated and operations feels that they have just given IT millions of dollars to implement this EHR that was supposed to be the panacea for the disease of inefficiency and lack of interoperability?

We actually have to support and maintain this new system? We need to make sure that the new system can interface with the other clinical systems that we have across the organization and be able to update interfaces, update the system when we need to transition to ICD-10? We thought this wasn’t going to need more money, more people and additional storage space in the data center. Do we really need that new mobile application? I don’t use my phone to access my EMR so why would a patient want to engage us that way?

Many organizations across the country have had to change the way they think. Operations and IT need to realize that they are now connected even more closely ‘at the hip’. Everything is so inextricably linked to technology now that it is difficult, if not impossible to distance yourself from operational decision making without information technology being involved.


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