Evangelizing Healthcare IT

I was at a meal recently with two Healthcare IT leaders and the discussion over the delicious Mediterranean Chicken Salad was about how the IT department needed to better communicate its successes and initiatives, which they felt wasn’t occuring today.

Is this something that an IS&T department needs to do? After all, aren’t we just focused on achieving organizational objectives anyway?

I believe that there is a role for an IT Communications Manager or Coordinator, depending on how large the care delivery organization is. If it is a single location facility, that role and responsibility can be taken on by a Manager or Director.

Common questions can be about how many resources are working on a project, such as ICD10 and how willnit impact our other initiatives to what are the milestones for another project that the physicians and clinicians should be aware of over the next year.

Being able to communicate,  without initiating email or alert fatigue will depend on external environmental factors associated with each organization.

A well informed organization will more likely be able to better coordinate their multiple initiatives that challenge them in todays healthcare technology world.


2 thoughts on “Evangelizing Healthcare IT

  1. Ajay, I’m hearing this too, and on communication challenges providers are seeing as they grow through acquiring physicians’ practices and expanding geographies. Stakeholders are more spread out and matrixed organizations add even more communication channels. More often than not, these conversations are the seeds of enterprise social initiatives. It’s not just adding more people that are responsible to facilitate this communication, but also find more efficient ways than what sufficed in the past.

  2. I absolutely agree Ajay. A group accountable for change management and communications is an absolute necessity for any IT initiative that impacts the delivery of care. Every change we make in IT directly impacts the Practitioners delivering care and the Patients receiving it. Communicating the impact of the change and managing the concerns of the impact are critical to the success of any project. When I was at Park Nicollet we had two executive champions, Linda Bauermeister & Mary McGowan, who implemented a team that was essential to our success implementing change within IT. You should contact them, they are the cats-pajamas when it comes to change management in HIT.

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