Can the last EMR analyst left turn off the lights….and the EMR?

With 20 times the workload that EMR analysts seem to have on them these days, the vexing issue of how to retain good talent is something that has baffled provider organizations who have seen their IT resources seemingly to go through a revolving door, quite similar to that time in the late 1990s when moving to an ERP was all the rage and there was always a better offer every week for functional (and technical) ERP analysts/consultants. While this is a passing phase as care delivery organizations mature and get a grasp of their technology and processes, this phase could last a couple of years and it is currently something that Information Technology departments are having to get used to seeing, especially at sites that are relatively new on their Meaningful Use focused, EMR of choice.

What’s to be done? Some care delivery organizations have thought of changing hours worked for their EMR analysts; possibly work from home opportunities that previously didn’t exist in healthcare or flexible work hours to manage their work life balance that has been taken for granted by other industries for years is catching up with healthcare IT!


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