Seasons Greetings from Healthcare Interoperability

As we end yet another year and we move forward to 2014 and all the hope, excitement and challenges that we will see in this new healthcare technology world, we want to make sure that we say thank you to all of the hard working men and women out there that go into work, making patient care and safety their number one priority. All of you are the tireless individuals that give us the opportunity to work better, faster, more efficiently than we used to the previous year and while sometimes it feels like there is a mountain of work coming at you and it never ends, every time a patient is saved, every time a newborn cries for the first time out of the womb, every time a patient logs into their chart and gets to feel better about themselves, you had a hand in making that happen.

Feel proud of yourself. You have contributed to the making things better, one build at a time, one process improvement at a time and while we all can’t be the man in red coming from the North Pole on his sleigh with his reindeer, we can definitely bring more people good tidings and cheer.

Thanks for all you do.


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