Did your Provider bill you extra due to Daylight Savings Time?

Healthcare providers across the country have been busy with recurring yearly work effort this past weekend. If you or anyone you know were in the hospital over this past couple of days, you may want to double check your hospital charges to make sure that you that if you were charged hourly during this past weekend for a hospital stay, you may want to take a second look at your bill just in case you were charged extra for your overnight stay due to the time change.

If the care provider’s system is configured to bill you hourly for bed charges, some systems may not have taken the Daylight Savings Time changes into account so the organization may have had to update or configure these settings manually during that time (and all said and done, they’re only human, so it might be better to validate with the billing office when you get your bill).

Most, if not all organizations have a plan for this time change, but it never hurts to double check. Another one of those operational necessities in the healthcare delivery systems world.



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