The Happiness Factor in Healthcare

I enjoy catching up with many people on my drive home. Not only does it break up the monotony of that traffic filled drive, but it allows me to connect with many people I haven’t had the fortune to talk to for a while. People who have worked with me know that I try call as many people as possible and hope to keep in touch as often as I can. That’s my Zen Place. The time and place I’m the happiest. 

Working with, connecting with people.  I enjoy being in a crowd and in the thick of things. 

In healthcare,  many people have realized that being an EMR consultant or analyst may not have been all that it was meant to be. The lure of the money and opportunity,  was too much and the amount of work and updates wasn’t in the brochure when they sold it to you.

You may now be out of sync with the ‘Zen you’.

I was recently having a conversation about the country of Bhutan. The people are the happiest people on earth. The individuals that are respected are monks, the royal family and finally teachers.

The King told his people that they should be a democracy, but they refused and asked him to continue. Truly, a fairy tale land. They want to have a simple life where electricity and water are 24 hours a day and their exports are to India.

As per Wikipedia, “The Constitution of Bhutan charges the Royal Government with ensuring a “safe and healthy environment,” and with providing “free access to basic public health services in both modern and traditional medicines.”

Bhutan is not a “rich” country by currency perspectives, but more in terms of satisfaction with the government and happiness perspective. With all of our drive towards digitizing our medical records, are we moving too far away from what really matters? Empathy for your fellow human beings?

Why to, is the song “Happy” by Pharrel Williams, doing so well and resonating with so many people? Is this the “Holy Grail” of the health and well being of our population? (I’ve included the link below…its quite uplifting)


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