Healthcare Information Revolution

We are living through the information revolution and the amount of information we generate is phenomenal. How are we going to harness the power of this information for our benefit and how are we going to store this data in ever increasing amounts? Our parents and grandparents were products of the industrial revolution. We are in the middle of the data and information revolution.

Capturing and harnessing this data for effective clinical and operational use by our provider organizations is part of the future of our healthcare ecosystem. Leveraging the power of predictive analytics that is already being used in the areas of retail and marketing to mine such areas as social media data is transforming our everyday lives.
As a new generation of healthcare IT dawns, individuals who have never been in healthcare before now are entering in from other verticals and sharing what is achievable in our healthcare ecosystem by using technologies that have been in use elsewhere for years, but are now, new to healthcare. This is the new healthcare world we live in.


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