Nelson Mandela and Equality in Healthcare

Nelson Mandela

Nobody exemplified the need for equal access to quality healthcare than Nelson Mandela, the iconic South African hero, who passed away in December of 2013,  at the age of 95. We remembered him last week on the 96th anniversary of his birth.

He will not only be remembered for his resistance to Apartheid and his crusade for its dismantling,  but really in the way that he did it. He was not a man who took revenge on his oppressors, but enbraced them and wanted to make sure that they enjoyed the fruits of a multi ethnic,  multicultural South Africa,  where everyone was enfranchised and everyone had the same access to all facilities, including healthcare.

There would not be separate, segregated healthcare providers anymore based on your ethnic make up. Everyone now had access to South Africa’s best facilities.  He did not do this overnight though. With everything,  this took time to work its way into the consciousness of all South Africans and all of us who have had the privilege of learning from his example.

We thank you Mr.Mandela for the contribution you have made to humanity.


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