ICD-10. One Month to go!

After all these years, we are closer to the finish line than we have ever been. By now, you should have:

Identified all project scope components for your ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion. Collaborated with your Interface and Reporting teams and conducted regular status updates to assess Reports and Extracts that required ICD-10 remediation. Identified all project activities including development of your project schedule, tracked your project issues (which I am sure would have been many) and tracked your project scope, schedule, resources and budget of all resources and tasks associated with the project.  You would’ve ideally worked with your Physician Champion or CMIO, operational managers and Education,  Communications and Marketing teams to identify training required for Clinical, Operational and IT Staff for ICD-10. Completed your End to End Integrated Testing of your EMR with any 3rd Party bolt-On applications and solved issues that you came up with as well as your organization has been dual coding for a while or have a solution (such as outsourcing your coders) to prepare your organization for the upcoming transition.

Are you ready for Command Center? Some organizations I know have been practicing on ICD-10 diagnosis terminology and are not going to have a long drawn out Command Center. Others, who have not been so lucky, will have a command center that will mimic their EMR vendor’s timeline. For those that thought that there would be another extension…well..good luck! See you on the flip side!



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