Commanding your ICD-10 Go Live! Are you in command yet?

ICD-10 is about two weeks away and your in the last stages (or not) of putting together your command center and go live to support your healthcare organization’s transition to the world of ICD-10 specificity. The ICD-10 Command Center should ideally be staffed with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in Information Technology as well as Administrative/Operational and Clinical representatives who record all identified issues and will manage the support processes during the go-live transition.

The Command Center will ensure that the appropriate communication of the go-live progress occurs among the end users and leadership of the healthcare organization prior to, during and after October 1st, 2015. For your command center, you need to think about having:

  1. A Dedicated room or location(s) that you will have to co-locate your SMEs
  2. Cell Phones for the “At the Elbow Support” team members who will be supporting the physicians
  3. Laptops for the staff to work on issue resolution
  4. White Board/Flip Chart to record issues and resolutions or Incident Reporting Tools/Technologies
  5. A dedicated phone number(s)/”hot line” for the ICD-10 Command Center that you broadcast to the organization in the run up to the go live and continuously remind through daily status communication
  6. Beverages and food for the command center team that will be at that site during the day (and possibly nights for areas such as ED)

Your physicians will be impacted in the following ways after they complete their ICD-10 physician education by this month:

  1. As a result of the need to complete education and need for increased specificity of their documentation
  2. Their future orders for procedures that occur after October 1st, 2015 must contain ICD-10 diagnosis codes.
    3.Clinical Documentation Improvement queries will create an additional workload on physicians starting in October and
    5.Physicians will begin to select ICD-10 codes October 1st through some sort of job aid that most EMR vendors have included in their software to help mitigate the impact of ICD-10 specificity.

Each organization has different ways in which they are dealing with ICD-10’s regulatory go live on October 1st.

Patients too will be impacted by ICD-10 go live.

There might be possible delays in being seen by their doctors, backlogs by physicians that have not planned ahead, delays by their healthcare payers (insurance companies) in making payments to the provider (hospitals) may cause patient frustration and delay in payments. While we all plan for the worst, but hope for the best, here’s wishing for the best outcome possible for ICD-10 starting October 2015.


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