ICD-10…the Y2K or our era?

Well, all of the anxiety over and the day of coming and going. Was it all for nothing? Some people I have met and spoken with talk about it in Y2K tones. I think differently. While I always wanted to be a part of a Y2K type initiative, I recall how much work effort went in to getting us stable with ICD-10.

It’s not as easy or straight forward as people like to make it sound. There was the operational, clinical, ecducational and information technology aspects of it that were so all encompassing that it was difficult to ignore. When Congress and CMS kept postponing it at the behest of the AMA and their lobbyists and Physician politicians said that it would be the end of the world if we did implement it, it caused billions of dollars to be wasted in getting us to ICD-10 a year or two ago. Now that we are finally here and we have survived (and yes, patients are still around and need medical attention and doctors are too), we look back at what has been quite an eventful couple of years with great satisfaction, knowing that it wasn’t all for nothing.

We need to see how claims will be like and the revenue cycle processes that will take over now and see how those survive with the ICD-10 Tzar and his team at CMS.


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