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Letter to the readers of this blog

After many years in IT and business process related consulting, I wanted to make sure that I had a place to represent my thoughts and experiences and this site represents some part of that. After many years in the healthcare information technology arena and being witness to a paradigm shift in this ecosystem, I felt it the time was appropriate to share some of that change with a few interested readers in the ecosystem.

When I started to transition into healthcare workflow and the information technology that surrounded it, the thought of an EMR was a wish list, but many healthcare practitioners, provider organizations and consulting firms were primarily focused on development of an in-house, self developed EMR, with only a few vendors really committed to the provider market. The landscape changed after President Obama announced it as strategic vision in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. This leads us to where we are today and what many compare to the “ERP” revolution of the 1990s where many in different industries focused on updating their processes to get with the “times”. That sea change has come to healthcare. While that change has been, at times, difficult and ambiguous to navigate, we hope to leverage a collaborative framework in order to get to our destination. The goal of an interoperable, efficient healthcare ecosystem.

The experience for the patient of tomorrow will be radically different and hopefully much more comprehensive than those of the past.

Think different. Change is here. Change is now. Seize the paradigm.


Ajay Sharma has over 25 years of experience working with customers and was in the IT the consulting industry for 20 years. He has worked as a Senior Manager at China.com (CDC Corporation), MahindraSatyam,(now TechMahindra), an Ambulatory Project Manager at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles responsible for development of speciality clinical progress notes development, an IT Program Manager at UC Health in Cincinnati and as a Senior Manager at Sogeti, USA LLC, part of the CapGemini Group of companies. Ajay is also a HIMSS Fellow (FHIMSS) awarded to him for his contribution towards the advocacy and promotion of Healthcare IT. He has been a CSO HIMSS Board Member and is also a Past President and Program Chair of the organization for more than a decade. Ajay has also been a Board Member for the Ohio Valley Oracle Applications User Group and is a member of the South West Ohio Project Management Institute and has been active with the Indian American Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati. His volunteer work is about increasing the awareness of healthcare information technology for better patient care.

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