Electronic Medical Records and Fracking

I know it’s been a while since I shared anything with you. I’m still around and focused on Healthcare interoperability as always. My attention has been on making sure contentious issues get resolved and action items get done. In parallel, I came across this article first posted in NPR about a research study that is being done to study the effects on fracking and how leveraging the information stored in electronic medical records would be the way in which the healthcare provider will understand if there is a link between fracking and diseases such as cancer and diabetes as well as asthma and other lung issues. A lot of people have maintained that while the daily use of EMR’s may not necessarily help you get a patient through the clinic as quickly as you once did (you may not get 40 patients through Cranio-Facial Plastics as a physician told me in CA last year), it will definitely give you the ability to be more accurate without duplicate (shadow) records and better ability to research and analyze your existing data.

Read it here. Check it out below.