Change and the Agile framework

Change is constant. In talking with my friend and colleague, Seth Thomas, we got to talking about the Agile methodology’s place with healthcare providers. Seth opined that using Agile will allow you to adapt to change more quickly, with more precision and with better output.

What is needed to change the current way things happen in Healthcare? Buy in from the stakeholders at the outset. That’s where the challenges will originate. In order to garner efficiencies, healthcare provider operations organizations will need to further grow with their understanding that technology has become an integral part of their lives and that information technology is the essential tool for them to carry out functional tasks. They will be able to do more with less and especially since most people must be going through EMR implementation and regulatory fatigue right about now with vast amounts of capital from a well that may now have dried somewhat. “Let’s get the budget from the EMR project” is an all too familiar phrase that most CIOs and IT Directors don’t want to hear anymore. Using an agile framework, from what I know about it, will be one way in which reduce frustration from potential rework and increase stakeholder satisfaction.