Flurry of Activity from the Affordable Care Act expected on Wednesday

With election year politics, late breaking news is that there is expected to be a flurry of activities from HHS on Wednesday, per a memo from HIMSS.

To paraphrase the HIMSS memo today, “if there is a Romney victory, the regulations are expected to happen fast. and there will be a big push to get as many “final rules” as possible out the door by November 22, which is 60 days before a Romney Administration would be sworn in. To release Final Rules after that date is to risk these rules being stopped before their completion.

With an Obama victory, the rules may still get to be released as quickly, but maybe without being as hurried, and apparently the rules around around HIEs.  HIMSS is still waiting for final rules around the governing of HIE’s, as well as regulations specifying what health insurance policies must cover, the individual mandate, and how full-time and part-time employees will be defined in regard to employer penalties.”

I’ll keep you posted for more news soon. No matter which side ultimately wins tomorrow, I believe that the catalyst for healthcare to move into the 21st century and embrace technology in a big way is the focus on Meaningful Use and hope that it continues for this decade to make our Healthcare Provider organizations better and more efficient.